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The Cast Of ‘Grown Ups 2′ Joined Guy Fieri On ‘Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives’ Last Night

By 07.09.13


Somehow unironically wearing a Trollface “U Mad?” t-shirt, Adam Sandler and the rest of the Grown Ups 2 cast appeared with noted goatee-bleacher Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives last night. I know this because I watched it happen. If I hadn’t, I would have sworn it was satire of some kind. Really really good satire, too. But no, sure enough, there they all were, making meatballs and piling into Fieri’s Camaro. I took screencaps and everything. See above and below. Feel free to caption them in the comments.

To be honest, I really don’t know how I’m supposed to process all this information. I mean, on one hand, OBVIOUSLY the cast of Grown Ups 2 would appear on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. If you made a Venn Diagram with a yellow circle for Grown Ups fans and a blue circle for Diners, Drive-ins & Dives fans, the whole thing would end up being a giant green blob that none of the fans would like because “it looks too much like a vegetable.” It’s the kind of perfect marketing opportunity that advertising executives dream about.

But on the other hand, it seems almost too perfect, doesn’t? Like it’s a trap. Like, maybe, if we all talk about it too much someone will come flying through our windows, throw a burlap sack over our heads, and take us to a dungeon where we’ll have to watch MANswers and survive on a diet of bacon bits and Mountain Dew for the rest of our lives. Be careful out there. That’s what I’m saying.



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