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Battling ‘Better Call Saul’ Fan Made Opening Credits: Who Ya Got?

By 09.13.13

When news broke earlier this week that Saul Goodman’s Better Call Saul spinoff/prequel is officially greenlit and on its way to becoming a reality video editing Breaking Bad fans across the internet rushed to create their version of a premature tribute to the soon-to-be show. The enthusiasm is commendable but unfortunately most are the YouTube equivalents of Saul’s waiting room.

Two fan made opening credits rise above the unwatchable though and I figured I’d share them because its Friday and why not and I enjoy seeing Lavell Crawford get his due a little too much.

First up we have this 80s-style intro by heralded mashup artist DonDraperSaysWhat (via Clip Nation). It has a certain Simon & Simon feel to it. I have no idea how Hank or — more importantly — Badger and Skinny Pete would be shoehorned into a prequel story, but I’m cool with it.

And next from Screen Junkies we have a more 90s-style intro that takes some serious casting liberties that I can sign on for assuming Reginald Veljohnson is Huell’s dad.

Seriously though, Marissa Tomei as an ex Mrs. Goodman? SOLD.


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