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‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale GIF Highlights: Felina

By 09.29.13

Breaking Bad goes out with a bang, because of course it does. Let's finalize things with GIFs. And don't forget your free shirt. Details on that below.

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Walt Is The Luckiest Carjacker Ever

Hello Gretchen And Elliot

Walt Didn't Want To Kill, He Just Wants To Give His Family His Money

Still Doesn't Mean We Can't Get A Hilarious Ruse

Walt Sets Up A Meet, And We Get A Suspicious Looking Shot

Walt Says Goodbye To His Family

We Find Out Why Walt Really Did All This

One Last Look At The Children

The Nazi Gang Gets Got

Todd Gets Some Comeuppance

Jesse Is Free <a href="" title="Okay … But What If Everything Just, Like, Works Out For Jesse In The ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale?" target="_blank">Just Like The Gypsy Blogger Said</a>

Lydia Got Ricin'd

And Finally, It's All Over For Walt


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‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale GIF Highlights: Felina


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