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The Internet Reacted Predictably Awful To An Indian-American Winning Miss America

By 09.16.13

Oh, Internet, (you will) never change (which is why Twitter is a terrible bigot den). Last night, 24-year-old Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America, and one of her first duties is to “visit the recently burned New Jersey boardwalk in Seaside Park.” That’s unfortunately not the story, though, — it’s that Davuluri is an Indian-American and “born in New York with parents from India” means nothing to the DERRR MORE LIKE MISS TAXI DRIVER dolts out there. Here’s but a brief, infuriating smattering of the reception she’s received.

miss america tweet 10

miss america tweet 9

miss america tweet 8

miss america tweet 7

miss america tweet 6

miss america tweet 5

miss america tweet 4

miss america tweet 3

miss america tweet 2

miss america tweet

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