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This Woman Has Spent $31,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Pam Anderson

By 09.06.13

pam lookalike

Like Lyle Lanley and North Haverbrook, Carolyn Anderson has finally put Liverpool on the map. The 28-year-old has spent nearly £20,000, or $31,000, or 85,000 CHA-CHING sound effects, on Botox, lip fillers, teeth whiteners, boob jobs (her DD implants have exploded…twice), fake eyelashes, and unlicensed tanning drugs in order to look like her hero, Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. Plus another $10,000 in red one-piece bathing suits.

The 28-year-old model has even created her own brand, Scouse Pammie, selling T-shirts, posters, and calendars with her look-a-like image on, and she’s about to feature in French Grazia magazine.

She has even changed her name officially so her passport now bears the surname of the American star.

For Carolyn, the idea of being Pamela was inspired by a comment from her dad.

“When I was about 14, he was the first person to tell me that I looked like her,” she says. “I was so flattered because she was one of the most well-known blondes in the world at the time, and I loved her. I had books on her and I’d watched Baywatch since I was little, although at the time I didn’t really want to be her.” (Via)

Nothing says paternal love more than a father telling his daughter she looks like the world’s #1 masturbation fantasy. Anyway, when asked by the Liverpool Echo about some of the weirder requests she’s received from male fans, Carolyn said, “I get asked quite a lot for underwear, but the oddest one is socks.” Peculiarly, no one’s inquired about a signed VHS of Snapdragon, though that might be because Tommy Lee owns every copy.

Sometimes, he’ll build a fort out of them.



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