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The Honest Trailer For ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Basically Perfect

By / 10.16.13

Screen Junkies finally made an Honest Trailer for The Walking Dead. Yup. Nailed it.

My favorite part is the chunk around the 1:00 mark where they point out how inconsistent Rick is. Ol’ Flip-Flopping Rick, I like to call him. His whole “I WILL NEVER DO THAT UNTIL I END UP TOTALLY DOING IT” schtick is rapidly approaching induction into the Dr. House “EVERYONE TREATS ME LIKE I’M A MEDICAL GENIUS EVEN THOUGH I’M REPEATEDLY AND CONSISTENTLY WRONG FOR 45 MINUTES OUT OF EVERY EPISODE BEFORE I ACCIDENTALLY STUMBLE ACROSS THE CORRECT DIAGNOSIS” Hall of Fame. One day someone is going to ask him if he thinks humans will ever gain the ability to fly, and he is going to look that person dead in the eye, say “no,” then miraculously sprout wings out of his shoulder blades and soar like an eagle straight to the moon. That’s what the spinoff is going to be. A winged Rick living on the moon. Spoiler alert.

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