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Stephen Colbert’s Attempt To Top The Fox News Deck Had So Many Violent Repurcussions

By 10.11.13


Nearly everyone on the Internet and TV — most notably Jon Stewart — has already chimed in on the newly-unveiled, gratuitous technology hub known as The Fox News Deck, and last night was Stephen Colbert‘s turn to have a little fun.

And have fun he did: Colbert took his mockery several steps beyond simply making fun of the people-dwarfing tablets and video walls at Fox. Instead, he attempted to exceed that absurdity with a series of upgrades to his own studio. Upgrades that had violent repercussions for everyone involved.

Here’s Colbert’s play-by-play of Shepard Smith introducing The Fox News Deck, complete with a brilliant Star Trek analogy.

And here’s Colbert introducing The Colbert Info News Veranda and all of its ridiculous features, including B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. technology and doomed kittens.

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