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The Best And Worst Seasons From Some Of Our Favorite TV Shows, According To Rotten Tomatoes

By 10.14.13

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If the biggest takeaway you get from this piece is, yes, Rotten Tomatoes ranks TV shows now, then yes, Rotten Tomatoes ranks TV shows now. Danger already informed you of Dads getting the ol’ Bucky Larson last week, which means Lucky 7, a series that was quickly scratched off ABC’s schedule after only two episodes, is 29% more critically adored than Seth MacFarlane’s racist bro-stink. I could spend all day looking at the Tomatometer scores for terrible shows, but then I remembered Work It! (5%!) is a thing that happened. Historians will one day try to make sense of the events of January 3 and January 10, 2012, to no avail.

Instead, I scrolled through some of our favorite, or at least most discussed, shows to see what Rotten Tomatoes’ Top Critics and Normal Joe Certifiedfreshsixpack thinks are its best and worst seasons. Also, “TV Zone” is still a relatively new invention, so dozens of shows haven’t been tabulated yet, which explains why you won’t see The Wire, The Sopranos, and The Simpsons below, although the “Best” answer for two of those three is season four.

30 Rock

Best: Season 6 (100%)
Worst: Season 4 (67%)


Best: Seasons 2, 3 (100%)
Worst: Season 4 (90%)

Boardwalk Empire

Best: Season 1 (96%)
Worst: Seasons 2, 3 (83%)

Breaking Bad

Best: Seasons 2-5 (100%)
Worst: Season 1 (79%)


Best: Seasons 2, 5 (100%)
Worst: Season 8 (65%)

Game of Thrones

Best: Season 3 (100%)
Worst: Season 1 (80%)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Best: Seasons 3-9 (100%)
Worst: Seasons 1, 2 (80%)


Best: Season 2 (100%)
Worst: Season 1 (94%)

The League

Best: Season 4 (100%)
Worst: Season 1 (50%)


Best: Seasons 2, 3 (100%)
Worst: Season 1 (86%)

Mad Men

Best: Season 2 (100%)
Worst: Season 1 (87%)

Parks and Recreation

Best: Seasons 3, 4, 6 (100%)
Worst: Season 1 (57%)

Sons of Anarchy

Best: Seasons 2, 4 (100%)
Worst: Season 6 (80%)


Best: Season 1 (94%)
Worst: OH WAIT

True Blood

Best: Season 3 (94%)
Worst: Season 6 (40%)

The Walking Dead

Best: Season 1, 3 (96%)
Worst: Season 2 (90%)

(Via Rotten Tomatoes)


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