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Happy Holidays From This Insane CGI Chuck Norris Parody Of Van Damme’s ‘Epic Split’ Commercial

By 12.19.13

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As we’ve already established, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s “Epic Split” ad for Volvo was one of the top commercials of 2013. It’s compelling and original. It went viral and spawned plenty of parodies: Channing Tatum, Rob Ford, and even a Georgia politican got in on the action.

But none of those send-ups come close to matching the absurdity on display in the video above, which features a CGI Chuck Norris doing his version of the “epic split” between a pair of cargo planes. Also, CGI Chuck Norris has a team of soldiers — adorned with twinkling lights — balancing on his cowboy hat in the shape of a Christmas tree. Did I mention there’s also a narrator reading from Hamlet?

I don’t know why you made this, Hungarian animation studio Delov Digital. But I’m glad you did.

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