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‘SNL’ Recap: Even John Goodman Can’t Distract Us From One Big Problem

By 12.15.13

Too Hot


Because John Goodman in drag has always been, and will always be, its own punchline.

Fire Safety

In her many years on the show, Nasim Pedrad has never been able to develop a strong original character to call her own. Shallon is the closest she’s gotten. We first saw her in the Ed Norton episode, and now she’s back, making John Goodman’s job as a firefighter miserable. (Related: John Goodman was born to play a frustrated fireman.) The premise of the sketches was similar, i.e. a bunch of grade-school kids have terrible, life-threatening ideas, but the jokes built around the concept are different enough that Shallon shouldn’t fall into the same black hole that swallowed, say, the Target Lady whole. At least until the next she’s on, in which case: NOOOOO.

The Christmas Whistle

Did anyone else have to turn down the TV while “The Christmas Whistle” was on? Damn neighbors apparently don’t understand the irony of being mad at a sketch about neighbors being mad at a loud noise. Anyway, “The Christmas Whistle,” in all its piercing black-and-white idiocy, eventually wore me down and I kind of enjoyed it (while also hating myself). It’s no The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t But Then Was, but what is?


This was good and spot-on enough that somewhere out there, an H&M manager believes it was a tribute, rather than a spoof of his and her company, and he or she is going to try to convince management to blast it 24/7 in their store. It wasn’t evil, but it got the bright-neon specifics down very well, from the tiny pant sizes to the clothes on the floor rather than the shelves. Nice of Wale and the Fly Girls to show up, too.

Last Call

Never not good, never not “oh so THAT’s why Kate McKinnon in a lesbian.”

Kings of Leon

Who knew they made cardigans in the color of Sunny Day Real Estate?

(To watch “Drunk Uncle” and “Black Santa,” click on the links.)

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