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Bill Hader Tries To Impress J.J. Abrams By Showcasing The Most Killer ‘Star Wars’ Impressions On ‘Conan’

By 01.28.14

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Star Wars is a hot topic these days and everyone wants a piece, especially T-Mobile spokesman Bill Hader. He dropped in on Conan and provided two dead-on impressions from Star Wars.

Attention, J.J. Abrams! Hire this man! He might not be out for a starring role, but Hader could be the next Frank Welker. I almost thought Andy was going to hop up and cut Hader open for warmth, that’s how convincing it was. Just look at this dedication:

bill hader star wars conan

And he hit the ground really hard during this death scene. You can probably guess the impression at this point, so I won’t give away the other one. Just watch and enjoy.

(Via Team Coco)


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