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30 Fake TV Bands We Wish Would Play A Real Music Festival

By 02.12.14

mouse rat andy

The first HUGE music festival of the year, Coachella, goes down exactly two months from today. The lineup is predictably stacked, with the reunited likes of Outkast and the Replacements joining festival mainstays Arcade Fire, Muse, Lorde, Nas, and Girl Talk. Now, that’s a pretty good bill, but where’s Mouse Rat? Or Sadgasm? Or Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem? If we could pick the bands for Coachella, we’d fill the poster with nothing but fake TV bands that we REALLY wish we were real. So we did! Here you go (I only picked one band for each TV show represented, which explains the lack of Melvin and the Squirrels):

fake tv bands

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And now for the music:

1. Drive Shaft (Lost)

2. Sadgasm (The Simpsons)

3. Three Times One Minus One (Mr. Show)

4. Crucifictorious (Friday Night Lights)

5. Tabitha Johansson (Bob’s Burgers)

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