8 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Episodes You Need To Memorize On Netflix Instant

By: 03.24.14

5. Gamera vs. Guiron

An alien with a taste for human children abducts two boys, spurring Gamera the giant flying turtle into action as the MST3K guys laugh on. The conflict pits Gamera against a knife-nosed monster; meanwhile, Joel invents a collapsible Porta-Potty.

Line you’ll never stop quoting: “Hello…thank you.”

6. Soultaker

A horrible car crash leaves four teens comatose, separating their souls from their still-living bodies. When the mysterious Soultaker (Joe Estevez) comes to claim them, the teens try to rejoin their spirits with their flesh. Meanwhile, chaos erupts on the space station after a series of malfunctions leave Gypsy out of order and Mike attempts to assume command, but Joel arrives to repair the damage.

Line you’ll never stop quoting: “We are planning to rock.”

7. Night of the Blood Beast

The MST3K gang savage a ripe Roger Corman production in which a pilot crashes near a remote base, drawing the eye of an ill-behaved alien.

Line you’ll never stop quoting: “Steve?!?”

8. Werewolf

While digging in an Arizona quarry, archaeologist Tommy (Jules Desjarlais) gets scratched by a werewolf skeleton and soon begins exhibiting the telltale signs of lycanthropy. Later on, his colleague, Yuri (Jorge Rivero), seizes upon a revenge plan using Tommy’s blood. The crew of the MST3K has a howling good time with this 1996 schlockfest. On-ship antics include a funny spoof of Inside the Actors’ Studio.

Line you’ll never stop quoting: “Your voice will change inexplicably every 7 years or, so…”

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