‘SNL’ Recap: A Mad Man Overshadows A Girl

By: 03.09.14  •  66 Comments

What’s Poppin’

It’s hard to hate on something hosted by LeGod Williams and Lil’ Taint Anthony, but “What’s Poppin'” got stuck on the rhythmic speech patterns of “That’s a Rap,” which weren’t as funny as the writers thought they were, and never went any further. But some of the smaller touches, like the band’s habit for drinking Sprite and the drummer’s rap name Tim, nicely filled out an otherwise fine distraction.

What Are You Even Doing? You’re Being Crazy

It’s like Girlfriends Talk Show…but slightly better! And not just because Jon Hamm wanted his damn pizza, though that helped. No, “What Are You Even Doing?” didn’t sink because of Nasim and Lena’s gleeful misplaced sexual enthusiasm, thought it was a little weird doing ANOTHER sketch this season about the raging hormones of teen girls.

Weekend Update: Matthew McConaughey

How was Taran Killam as Matthew McConaughey? Alright, alright, alright.

Weekend Update: Vladmir Putin’s Childhood Best Friends

Cool story, bro time: I attended the Late Night with Seth Meyers party at SXSW last night, and I was surpised that Fred Armisen wasn’t there. Apparently that’s because he was in New York, doing his annoying “quiet friends” bit with Vanessa Bayer, but really, the only reason I bring this up is because Rosa from Brooklyn Nine-Nine was there, wearing her glasses, and it was DEVASTATING. Also, Eugene Mirman. It is OK!

Jewelry Party

The second Cecily Strong started speaking in an exaggerated fake accent (so the first second of the sketch), it was impossible to take “Jewelry Party” seriously, and that’s a shame because it could have been the rare SNL sketch with a sliver of edge. Or at least a message. Doing something on men’s rights activists? Great. But doing something on men’s rights activists…while Cecily acts like the Chiquita banana lady after a speech lesson from Gloria on Modern Family, and also something about jewelry? Terrible.

Pimpin’ Pimpin’ Pimpin’ with Katt Williams

Hey Noël Wells, good for her! It took until the penultimate sketch of the night for the female Brooks Whelan to show up, which was a bit of a surprise, considering her killer Lena impression. She dusted it off again for Katt Williams, but it felt hollow, like the writers felt bad for not using her last week and gave her something quick to do. She’s a talented, likable comedian, but I can’t imagine her lasting another season.

The National, “Graceless”

The National, “I Need My Girl”

I wear glasses, lived in Brooklyn for years, and the only thing I love more than wine and whiskey is brooding, so naturally, I’m a huge National fan, and loved everything about both of these performances.

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