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Bryan Cranston Promises Secrets And Lies In His New ‘Breaking Bad’ Memoir

By 04.03.14
Bryan Cranston


Bryan Cranston can basically do anything he wants at this point in his career. But it would seem that he just wants to spend a little more time as Walter White if possible. He’s working on a new memoir about his time on Breaking Bad and how it affected his life. From USA Today:

“Walter White taught me a lot — some of it useful, some of it dangerous,” Cranston, 58, says in a statement from his publisher. He plans “to tell the stories of my life and reveal the secrets and lies that I lived with for six years shooting Breaking Bad.”

I don’t know where he’s going to find the time when he’s running for his life from Godzilla, but sure, write a memoir. I know I’d at least read parts of it and jump around, like I do with most entertainment books. I always want to get to the juicy subject matter first and then go back over the rest.

I can only hope that he gets a picture of Dean Norris reading it on the toilet to put the back cover. At least that’s where my mind went as soon as I read that Walter White was writing a book.

Bryan Cranston


Any excuse to post that picture, folks. It’s probably the silliest, greatest reveal in television history and I’ll never get enough of it.

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(Via Vulture / USA Today)

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