‘SNL’ Recap: Anna Kendrick Will Sing And Dance Her Way Into Your Heart

By: 04.06.14


Facebook status: Feeling like a Kyle Mooney “take it nice and easy when asking a girl out” in a Beck Bennett “hey, do you wanna come over and bone right now?” world.

Weekend Update: George R.R. Martin

Why has Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin taken so long to write his next book? His beard’s been falling off and he needs to glue it back on, but mostly, he’s running out of cool names and locations. You start off with Daenerys and Harrenhal; you end up with Ross, Rachel, and Chandler living in Denver.

Weekend Update: Brooks Wheelan

They say that when a Brooks Whelan sees himself on a TV, he won’t appear again for another month.

Les Jeunes de Paris

Few things in life make me as cheerful as “Les Jeunes de Paris.” Doesn’t matter if it’s Zooey Deschanel, Miley Cyrus, Anna Kendrick, or any other brunette with long, seductive eyelashes — so long as I’m watching a bunch of really attractive people in skirts, sleeveless shirts, and Audrey Hepburn clothes dancing to an infectious French song, I’m going to love it. NOW BRING BACK “WHAT UP WITH THAT.”

Principle Frye – Field Trip

I always forget about Principle Frye when I’m listing SNL‘s recurring characters, so I’m always pleasantly surprised to see him. Each installment has gotten impressively weirder, which is how you end up with references to real-life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the same sketch as an elephant named “Ashy Larry.”

Big Joe

I’m not proud of myself, but I actually laughed at the night-and-day transitions when Big Joe was trying to lift a rock off Bobby Moynihan. Yeah, I dunno, I guess all of Anna Kendrick’s glee made me, ugh, momentarily not hate everything. Anyway, “Big Joe” had all the bizarre makings of a 10-to-1, but that honor actually went to “NCAA’s Best of the White Guys,” which was great but not embeddable. Watch it over at Deadspin.

Pharrell, “Happy”

You know what else makes me happy? Anna Kendrick in mouse ears with a Shrek doll.

anna mouse

So happy.

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