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By 04.02.14
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I wasn’t planning on watching Metástasis, the Spanish-language Breaking Bad remake, partially because I’m not sure if I get UniMás but mostly because my Spanish is, how you say, no good-o. But now I feel I have to: not only is Saul Goodman’s name Saúl Bueno, but Saúl Bueno has the best hair south of Kentucky.

Spanish-language Saul has a much bigger platform than a few low-budget TV ads. In Metástasis, Saul hosts a late night talk show called Cuéntele a Saúl, in which he offers audiences legal advice, a riff on a talk show model that’s highly popular among Spanish speaking audiences. (Via)

I love everything about that photo: the fake sky, the peacock, the glass boat clock, DAT MANE. Look, all I’m saying is, Boyd Crowder’s going to be out of a job in the near future. Maybe he could retire and head to Colombia for a life of rest, relaxation, and fighting with Saúl Bueno over who has the better head of hair.



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