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Amy Poehler Gave Her First-Class Seat To A New Mom, Because Amy Poehler’s The Best

By / 05.16.14
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We’re reached a point where pretty much every headline with Amy Poehler in it should end with, “…Because Amy Poehler’s the Best.” I refuse to believe she’s capable of evil, and was only sent here, Earth, to do good: Amy Poehler Plays a Flaming Guitar Solo That Brings About World Peace, Because Amy Poehler’s the Best. Amy Poehler Teaches Eskimos Another Word for Snow, Because Amy Poehler’s the Best. Amy Poehler Clones Herself, Because Amy Poehlers Are the Best. Amy Poehler Gave Her First-Class Seat To A New Mom, Because Amy Poehler’s The Best.

Hey, that one actually happened!

Amy Poehler showed off her kind side when she gave up her first class-seat on a flight from Los Angeles to New York to a mother with an infant, according to a U.S. report.

The Parks and Recreation star noticed the new mum was struggling with the baby and her luggage and insisted she take her larger seat on the plane – but it took some convincing.

A source [says], “The woman kept refusing the offer, but Amy wouldn’t budge. She literally had to push the mom into her first-class seat. It was really sweet.” (Via)

Now that the mom has had a taste of the first-class lifestyle, she can never go back to coach. She’ll spend all her life savings experiencing only the finest, most expensive things the world has to offer, until the day she’s broke and homeless, because Amy Poehler’s the best?

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Via Toronto Sun


I want more like this!

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