Get To Know The Stand Up Routines Of 10 Notable Comedians Who Have Appeared On ‘Louie’

By: 05.05.14

6. Greg Rogell — Season two, “Eddie”

The standout comic of season two’s “Eddie” was of course, Doug Stanhope, but the episode features cameos from a lot of other great comics playing themselves, as well. Greg Rogell has been a regular on the New York club circuit for decades and can take credit for one of the best George W. Bush jokes ever written.

7. Joe DeRosa — Season two, “Halloween/Eddie”

If you’ve got any interest in the working life of a stand-up comic and you haven’t already seen the web series Modern Comedian — watch it. DeRosa’s episode about how he approaches his material and how he handles shows that don’t go the way he wanted is particularly great.

8. Todd Glass — Season two, “Duckling”

Todd Glass makes his first Louie appearance in season one’s “Travel Day/South” and returns for “Duckling” as the USO emcee. Glass has been around since the 90s, with probably his most mainstream visibility as being a contestant on season three of Last Comic Standing. His material is generally pretty silly and upbeat, but the video below of him giving a well-deserved tongue lashing to a heckler is a thing of beauty.

9. JB Smoove — Season three, “Barney/Never”

I’m actually a little surprised we haven’t seen more of JB Smoove on Louie, considering he was in Pootie Tang and was a regular sketch player during C.K.’s stint on Late Night.

10. Maria Bamford — Season three, “Ikea/Piano Lesson” and “Daddy’s Girlfriend Part: 1”

We can’t have a lists of the Louie stand-ups and not include Maria Bamford. Between touring, shooting Arrested Development, Adventure Time, and a number of other projects, it’s amazing that Bamford even had time to fit a Louie cameo into her schedule. It’s not every day that Louie C.K. calls you to sleep with him though, you don’t pass opportunities like that up.

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