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John Oliver Is Sad About The Lost Gecko Space Orgy, Will Start WWIII If Russia Doesn’t #GoGetThoseGeckos

By 07.28.14

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As we told you last week, Russian scientists sent a gecko orgy into space and now they have no idea where it is. The pod the lizards were boning aboard — as part of the Russian Institute for Biomedical Problems’ study of how zero gravity affects animal reproduction — just stopped working.

This concerns John Oliver. It concerns him so much that he dedicated more than three minutes of Last Week Tonight to raise awareness. He also created a hashtag (#GoGetThoseGeckos) and put together a celebrity montage (featuring the likes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patrick Stewart). Most impressively, he managed to track down a spacesuit-wearing gecko mascot for the occasion.

Oliver tries to make the point that a cause like this can bring people together, but if his final act of awareness-raising — imploring viewers to flood Kremlin.ru with very specific letters to Vladimir Putin — is any indication, he’s fully committed to starting World War III over this.

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(Via Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)


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