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Watch A Naked Chelsea Handler Jump Up And Down When Ellen DeGeneres Visits Her In The Shower

By 08.27.14

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Chelsea Handler’s run on basic cable came to a close last night, as the Chelsea Lately host aired her final shows on E! before making the leap to fulfill her SUPER LUCRATIVE deal with Netflix.

Last night she did that thing where a celebrity visits her for a very naked, very SEO-friendly shower fight. (Something she’s done previously with Sandra Bullock and a Goldblum-approved Conan O’Brien.) This time it was Ellen DeGeneres stopping by — in a ravishing showercap-pantsuit combo — to demand to know why Chelsea never invited her on the show. Is it because she’s a lesbian? If the nudity doesn’t make you uncomfortable, Handler’s attempts to explain herself will.

Hard to tell who was working harder here, Ellen attempting to keep her eyes up (she spends most of the segment staring at the ceiling), or the censorship pixels struggling to keep up with Handler’s exuberant hops:



Handler closed her show with a “We Are The World” parody, backed by Dave Grohl, Sandra Bullock, T.J. Miller, Joel McHale, and dozens more.

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