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Hmm. Taylor Swift’s Video For ‘Shake It Off’ Seems Awfully Familiar, Doesn’t It?

By 08.19.14

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Perhaps you watched Taylor Swift’s new video for “Shake It Off” last night and thought to yourself, “Hmm. A young woman dancing exuberantly in a number of outfits, all set to a peppy, horn-filled song about remaining positive in the face of adversity. Sure seems familiar. I wonder where I might have seen it before.”

The answer: The opening credits of Blossom. And so, because this is the Internet, we went ahead and mashed that one up for you. It works pretty well. I feel pretty confident when I say it’s my second favorite Blossom-related mashup of all-time. Why only second? Well…

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Shoutout to @Its_Billy_Frick for the inspiration


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