04.07.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

Many of you are likely familiar with WGN’s 2007 interview with Tracy Morgan (video after the jump) in which the “30 Rock” actor loses his shirt, riffs on Star Jones and Oprah, and climbs on top of the news desk and impersonates a pregnant woman.  It’s pretty much the reason the Internet was invented, aside from porn and LOLcats.

In a cool little twist that proves intentional real-life Tracy Morgan and his character Tracy Jordan are exactly the same person, WGN confirmed to Chicagoist that the clip will be used in the April 23rd episode of “30 Rock.”  I think it’s amazing the way one person’s genuine insanity can fuel the success of a show.  Now if only science can harvest the crazy to power our cars!  We’d get 30 miles per hijink!

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