The Supercut Of Every Time Jesse Pinkman Has Said 'Bitch' Is Finally Here…Bitch

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11.03.12 3 Comments

In a forever-ago Simpsons episode, Homer finds his copy of Rappin’ Ronnie Reagan, a novelty cassette tape based on Jack Waldman’s 1984 real-life hit, “Ronald Reagan Rap.” The lyrics: “Well, well, well, w-w-w-well-w-w-w/Well, well well.” While the song’s still playing, he astutely remarks to no one in particular, “Y’know somethin’, he did say, ‘Well’ a lot!” After watching YouTuber Axilrod‘s supercut of every time Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Pinkman has said the word “bitch,” I couldn’t help but comment, “Y’know somethin’, he does say, ‘Bitch’ a lot!”

But seriously, folks, Aaron Paul has turned “bitch” (which he’s said 44 times over 54 episodes, according to one commenter) from an ugly, hateful word into something so much more — when he says it, it’s a work of art. “Bitch” can be used to signify fear, anger, joy, depression, or situations involving magnets. It’s beautiful, really.


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