A Supercut of Last Season's Most Awkward TV Sex Scenes (and the Morning Links)

05.25.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

NSFW, obviously. Some clips aren’t so much awkward as they are resulting in smoke demon babies. (Via)

The 15 Corniest Verses Of Will Smith’s Rap Career — Already said this on Facebook, but I’m going to name my French synthpop band Ménage à Boogie. (Uproxx)

The 8 People Every Successful Rapper Needs On The Team — DJ Jazzy Jeff. (Smoking Section)

5 SF Sitcoms Hollywood Should Adapt Before “ALF” — Another “Mystery Science Theater 3000” movie. Ugh, This Island Earth is so good. (Gamma Squad)

Colin Cowherd Wants Everyone To Know That New Orleans Is A Terrible City — And the world wants THE HERD to know that he’s a terrible human being. (With Leather)

This Week in Posters & Stills: Dark Knights Will Rise, Lizards Gonna LizardThe Dark Knight Rises is the cinematic equivalent of “Community” for People on the Internet: just putting the title increases pageviews by about 17,970% (Film Drunk)

The Five Most Sexist/Misogynistic Print Ads From The Last Five Years — (BuzzFeed)

Stephen Colbert Out Of Character: The Best Interviews — (Huffington Post)

Paste presents the 50 best movies on Netflix Instant — (Fark)

5 Mountains Deadlier Than Everest — (Mental Floss)

Who would play your favorite politicians in a movie? — (Death + Taxes)

Apple’s Sir Jonathan Ive and 7 other surprising knighthoods — (The Week)

Are These the Only 8 Shows on Network Television Worth a Damn? — (Pajiba)

The “Call Me Maybe” Supercut — (High Definite)

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