A Supercut of Last Season's Most Awkward TV Sex Scenes (and the Morning Links)

NSFW, obviously. Some clips aren’t so much awkward as they are resulting in smoke demon babies. (Via)

The 15 Corniest Verses Of Will Smith’s Rap Career — Already said this on Facebook, but I’m going to name my French synthpop band Ménage à Boogie. (Uproxx)

The 8 People Every Successful Rapper Needs On The Team — DJ Jazzy Jeff. (Smoking Section)

5 SF Sitcoms Hollywood Should Adapt Before “ALF” — Another “Mystery Science Theater 3000” movie. Ugh, This Island Earth is so good. (Gamma Squad)

Colin Cowherd Wants Everyone To Know That New Orleans Is A Terrible City — And the world wants THE HERD to know that he’s a terrible human being. (With Leather)

This Week in Posters & Stills: Dark Knights Will Rise, Lizards Gonna LizardThe Dark Knight Rises is the cinematic equivalent of “Community” for People on the Internet: just putting the title increases pageviews by about 17,970% (Film Drunk)

The Five Most Sexist/Misogynistic Print Ads From The Last Five Years — (BuzzFeed)

Stephen Colbert Out Of Character: The Best Interviews — (Huffington Post)

Paste presents the 50 best movies on Netflix Instant — (Fark)

5 Mountains Deadlier Than Everest — (Mental Floss)

Who would play your favorite politicians in a movie? — (Death + Taxes)

Apple’s Sir Jonathan Ive and 7 other surprising knighthoods — (The Week)

Are These the Only 8 Shows on Network Television Worth a Damn? — (Pajiba)

The “Call Me Maybe” Supercut — (High Definite)

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