Ty The Tiger Had To Have A Basketball-Sized Hairball Surgically Removed This Week

05.23.13 4 Comments

Ty the Tiger was having stomach trouble. He wasn’t eating, and he lost over 100 pounds, and it got so bad that the staff at the not-for-profit Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc. had to begin force-feeding him to keep him alive. So they took him to a specialist earlier this week, who took some x-rays and performed an ultrasound and stuck a scope with a camera attached down Ty’s throat to try to identify the source of his discomfort.

The answer: A four-pound, basketball-sized hairball.

The hairball was too large to be removed using the scope, so Ty was scheduled for surgery.

The hospital tells 10 News Wednesday afternoon that the surgery appears to be a success and Ty is resting comfortably. And that hairball?

It weighed in at four pounds and was approximately the size of a basketball.

All of this brings up a very important question: What does a four-pound hairball look like? Well…

You’re welcome. And I’m sorry. Have a great day.

(See more pictures and video at WTSP)

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