ABC Is Launching A Live Stream App That You Need A Cable Subscription To Access, Of Course

05.13.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

Streaming apps are so in these days.

Have you noticed how Twitter turns into a maelstrom of “OMG Fitzzzz Olivia Wow *sob*” tweets every Thursday night? Well, that’s because all the cool kids are watching Scandal, the Kerry Washington show about politicians who have sex and speak really fast without stumbling over their words. Seriously, Aaron Sorkin watches the show like “slow down, whippersnappers.” Well if you’re worrying about missing the show and the ever-present spoilers every Thursday night, then have no fear. ABC is launching a live stream.

But, as you can imagine, Cable companies gonna cable company. The app is only available if you authenticate through a cable provider. Yes. You have to have cable to watch a network station. This is the model everywhere, of course, as you needed cable to watch NBC’s fantastic Olympic coverage and need cable for the WatchESPN app.

The app is launching nationwide by the end of the summer and will be available for iOS and Kindle Fire and will also be available for Galaxy.

Just in time for us to not get to watch Happy Endings. *pours out liquor*

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