Adam West Is Listed Under 'Bruce Wayne' And 'Batman' In The Phone Book

11.02.12 4 years ago • 12 Comments

The only things kids have less interest in these days than the Batusi is the phone book. But that didn’t stop one Redditor, slapshotten11, from looking up Batman/The Simpsons/Family Guy star Adam West, who he lives in the “same [Idaho] valley” as, in the glorified paperweight.

Turns out, West is even cooler than we thought: the listing for West, Adam leads to “See Wayne, Bruce (Millionaire),” which leads to, “Please consult Crime Fighters in the Yellow Pages,” which leads to, “See Batman — White Pages,” which leads to, “See West, Adam.”

With all due respect to Michael Keaton, ADAM. WEST. IS. BATMAN. (even if he does as piss poor of a job as Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2 of hiding his secret identity.) Also, hahaha, “Weake, Gay.” That guy probably pulled a reverse Batman, and killed his parents for giving him that name.

(Via Reddit)

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