Alison Brie Singing ‘Santa Baby’

12.23.10 10 Comments

The particularly astute among you will recall that Matt posted this video last year. The somewhat less astute among you aren’t even reading these words, because you already clicked ‘play’ on the video, and are all, “Oh man she’s purrdy. I reckon she’d make almost as good a wife as one of my kinfolk hurr durr etc.” Even though this clip isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination, I feel justified in posting it for four important reasons:

  1. Given the Christmas season, it’s exceptionally relevant
  2. You’re not the boss of me
  3. Newer readers to Warming Glow may have never seen it
  4. Something something Alison Brie

I rest my case. Also, just as a little window into the mind and/or pants of your fill-in, I love girls dressed in sexy Santa outfits.  Like, A LOT.  I’m not exactly sure what that says about me or my particular psychological issues, but holy hell in a Santa hat do I love it.  Warming Glow favorite Alison Brie being the one in the get-up is just a sexy cherry on top of the sexy sundae.

After the jump, celebrity reaction in GIF form to Alison Brie’s rendition of “Santa Baby”

Oh shut up, Shania. Don't be a hater. And why won't you let me center you like the other GIFs? Diva much?

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