One Of ‘Always Sunny’s’ Most Ingenious Ideas Will Soon Be A Reality And The Gang Is Getting No Credit

11.21.13 3 years ago • 39 Comments

Sure, Union Wine Company hasn’t given The Gang and their genius idea any credit. YET. But I’m pretty sure we all know who is to thank for bullsh*t business quotes like this showing up in Fast Company.

“There is a ‘winification’ of beer going on and we are at the forefront of a new trend – the ‘beerification’ of wine.

“We want to be a part of everyday celebrations. These wines are more about immediacy, and the can is an extension of that thinking,” he added.

Translated: “There’s a growing market of people who want to day drink wine and leave those around them thinking they really have a thing for off brand soda. We are here to fill that market.”

Capitalism. Life imitating art. Secretive boozing. This story really fills out a punchlist for me. Here’s a look at the cans that will go on sale for about $5 a piece next year. No word yet on distribution outside of the Pacific Northwest, those lucky damp teeth-stained sons of bitches.


Beverage awards are pretty much guaranteed to be won. And The Gang is pretty much guaranteed to be standing in the dark. It’s a cruel world we live in but at least we have wine in a can.

The Drink Business via r/IASIP

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