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Former Miami Dolphins cheerleaders Cara Rosenthal and Jaime Edmondson placed second in CBS’s “The Amazing Race 14” (the one that ended last May), at which point Playboy approached them both about appearing nude in the magazine. Cara was all, “Oh, I’m in law school, I can’t,” but Jaime proved way cooler and is now Miss January 2010.

The show may not have made Edmondson rich, but it did, thanks to her fiercely competitive nature, frequent shouting and apparent xenophobia, earn her the dubious distinction of being the closest thing the race had to a villain. This past April, the Yahoo! TV Blog named Edmondson one of the “Most Questionable Characters of Reality TV.” [interview at Palm Beach Post]

Anyhoo, she’s a former cop, a hostess for the expensive yet skeevy-looking La Femmer Air, the first 30-year-old Playmate in five years (she turns 31 in less than two weeks), and a longtime infatuation of With Leather’s former assistant editor Kevin DeBruin. But all you care about are the pictures. Fine. Her NSFW Playboy tease is here, but I’ve safe-for-worked the pictures below. Or you can just go buy the magazine. Do people still do that?


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