Amy Poehler And Conan Compared Yearbook Photos And How To Properly Swear At Babies

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12.05.12 8 Comments

The lovely Amy Poehler dropped by Conan last night and was her usual fun and charming self while discussing drunkenness at the Golden Globes and how to properly use profanity in front of children. I was kind of disappointed that her fashion was slightly less, um, bosom-y than at the Emmys, because I would have loved to see Conan do his yowza-pretty-lady routine with her. But, you know, that might have been kind of awkward as well because D WORD that shall not be discussed.

Parts one and two below. Amy and Conan (and Andy) have quite the rapport so the chat takes too many good times twists and turns to count, but I’d recommend sticking around for the yearbook photo comparisons in the second installment for the hair commentary and superlatives talk alone.

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