Amy Poehler Dressed Up Like Her 1934 Cosmo Cover Girl Doppelgänger On ‘Fallon’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
04.27.13 2 Comments

Jimmy Fallon welcomed his former Weekend Update partner, Amy Poehler, to Late Night yesterday, and when she wasn’t clucking a version of “Some Nights” by fun. with Michael Buble while dressed up as a chicken, Poehler was wearing a cocked hat. Which was the style at the time, the time being the 1930s, of course.

Back in March, someone noticed that Poehler looks a lot like a Cosmopolitan cover girl from 1934, right down to the same close-lipped smile. Now, I’m not saying she’s capable of time travel, but IF she is, Amy, could you go back in time and “take care of” the person who decided “Donald Trump’s House of Wings” can’t be online? Ever since the Yahoo!/SNL deal was announced, I’ve had that song stuck in my head, and I honestly can’t think of a better way to use a time machine than to make a 10-year-old sketch embeddable on Hulu. Thanks.

Hey, speaking of musical chickens…

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