And What’s The Deal With Jerry Seinfeld’s First Selfie?

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06.17.14 2 Comments

Hey, have you ever wondered what it might be like if Seinfeld was still on TV today? Unfortunately, there simply aren’t dozens of parody Twitter accounts that would let us know what that might be like, so we’ll just have to leave it all up to our imaginations. I bet that Jerry Seinfeld and the gang would be complaining about social media a lot, especially George Costanza with all of his hilarious interactions with women that he keeps meeting on Tindr. Don’t even get Elaine started on Uber drivers either. That would just be the craziest, you guys.

And I bet there’d be plenty of selfies taken on the set, like this one that Jerry’s wife, Jessica Seinfeld, shared from their vacation in Greece today. This is the 60-year old comic’s very first selfie that we know of, so remember to write down where you were when this happened.

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