Andy Samberg Shows Conan Exactly Why He’s The Best TV Cop In The Business

By: 09.20.16

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With the underwhelming and plain disheartening box-office performance of Popstar now behind him, the time has come for Andy Samberg to once again return to the realm of television in FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As the street-wise, Die Hard-loving detective Jake Peralta, Samberg has instilled us with countless sarcasm-filled witticisms over the past few years, but found himself caught up in a nasty mole hunt that even he couldn’t talk his way out of in last season’s excellent finale.

Ahead of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s fourth season premiere, Samberg stopped by Conan to talk all things TV cop-related and even show off a few of the sweet moves he’s been picking up along the way, as has become something of a tradition for him on the talk show. And like most things in Hollywood, those moves required a body double, some clever editing, and a completely unnecessary use of pyrotechnics.

Conan did not seem impressed.


As for what we can expect this season on Nine-Nine? Well, we know that Samberg’s former SNL cronie Maya Rudolph will be joining the cast in a multi-episode arc as “a United States marshal serving as the official liaison to Peralta and Capt. Holt while they are in the Witness Protection Program,” which according to the promos that were released earlier this month, will require the latter to don the role of an improv-dabbling straight man for his alter ego, “Greg.” As for Peralta’s “Larry”, well, he’ll be tasked with pulling off an even greater lie: that his favorite movie is Failure To Launch. The poor bastard.

The fourth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres Tuesday on FOX at 8 p.m. EST.

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