Anti-Gay Protester Holding Up Mother’s Day Sign Gets Effectively ‘Slushied’ For Her Efforts

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05.13.14 34 Comments


On Sunday, a local NBC affiliate went out on a call to get footage of an anti-gay protester, Christine Weick, who decided to spend Mother’s Day standing at a busy intersection in Grandville, Michigan with a sign reading “Thank Your Mom Today For Not Being Gay!” Then, I believe the term is “journalistic gold” happened, when another woman, Jessica Prince, came and hucked a slushie at Weick in what shall forever be known as The Great Mother’s Day Slushening of 2014.

I’ve volunteered at LGBT events in the past and was once tempted to throw a paperweight at a protester’s head, so I get it. I really do. They’re some of the most despicable people I’ve ever encountered, and getting slushied is really the least that they deserve. So while I am grateful that the incident was caught on camera for our viewing enjoyment — at the same time, don’t get caught on camera assaulting anti-gay protesters. Or anyone, for that matter.

Later in the news footage, Prince actually says, “Can you leave the slushie part out? I don’t want to go to jail,” and the local news crew were all:


EXACTLY, Sarcastic Jennifer Lawrence gif. Full coverage of the fight below:

(Via Huffington Post)

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