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This month’s hosts for “Saturday Night Live” will be Tina Fey, Ryan Phillippe, and Gabourey Sidibe. Here’s your blockquote with the dates and musical guests:

[Fey] is hosting the April 10 show and will be joined by pop star Justin Bieber. Phillippe is set to host the April 17 show with Ke$ha as the musical guest. On April 24, Precious star and Oscar nominee Sidibe will take on hosting duties and the band MGMT is to perform. [USA Today]

Fey will be promoting Date Night, her new movie with Steve Carell, Phillippe stars in the coming MacGruber movie (based on the SNL sketch), and Sidibe just wants to walk around New York City for the exercise.

Oh, that wasn’t nice of me to say that. I really do like Sidibe. I think it was awesome the way she’s not ashamed of being fat, but damn: girl’s gotta lose at least some of that weight. She’s not gonna feel so fabulous when her feet get amputated due to diabetes. Regardless, it’ll be a nice change of pace for the SNL cast to work with a talented black person.

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