The Best Of Last Night’s Bromantic ‘Archer’ And A Discussion With Animation Director Bryan Fordney

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01.25.13 314 Comments

Note: Archer Animation Director Bryan Fordney will be dropping in this afternoon so please direct all general and/or episode specific questions @Bryan in the comments thread.

Before we get to Lucas Troy I want to mention how nice it was for “The Wind Cries Mary” to kick things off with some classic ISIS work environment humor that many fans feel the show has gotten away from recently. Just a solid mix of Pam’s peer review versus shootouts in the snowy wilderness.

So of course Adam Reed flipped the fratboy codependent lifestyle on its head, pinballing between sexual ambiguity, Olyphant dropping killer mom/phrasing/bro jokes, and “a singular same sex attraction.” We should have expected no less. Troy and Archer bro-ing out was, predictably, fantastic, but Archer’s continued escalating reactions to Troy’s less than rampage-y intentions are what made the episode for me. The subtle “goddamn, dude” response to the deathbed confession was just perfect. Never forget: “Bros before apparent threats to national security.”

Highlights followed by spectacular Chet Manley GIFs

  • “The Wind Cries Mary” is a nod to the Hendrix song and I’m sure someone much smarter than me knows exactly. My stab is that it’s a nod to Curtis Mayfield’s influence on Hendrix. I’m probably impossibly wrong though. (UPDATE: Answer in the thread. Spoiler: I’m dense.)
  • I defy you not to use “dick holster” in a sentence in the near future.
  • Lonely, chubby kid Archer cutaways are the best cutaways.
  • A Kenny Loggins acoustic set is scientifically proven to help bring people to their senses.
  • When you page Doctor D.B. Cooper no one shows up, correct?
  • Gun librarian Rodney is a fun addition to the ISIS staff for “mustache on a penis” lines alone.
  • Here’s the “Fly by Night” album cover for comparison’s sake. Van #4, by my count.
  • “Vermont has to have liquor stores” is my new favorite way to allude to how much Vermont sucks.
  • How ironic is it that in an Archer guest spot Olyphant provided every male UPROXX commenter with the perfect description of their feelings towards him?
  • Other assorted pop culture references: Munsters’ House, Predator, Entmoots.
  • And was that an acoustic Kenny Loggins ring tone?

That’s all I’ve got pre-GIFs. So…

More on the next pages as to not crash too many browsers.

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