'Archer' Renewed, and The First Look at Bryan Cranston's Character

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02.24.12 14 Comments

I hate the fact that we’re already beginning to think about an “Archer” season finale, but the first part of the two-part finale arrives on March 15. That’s three weeks away. The bad news? After March 22nd, don’t expect to see “Archer” for awhile. The good news? Thanks to a 32 percent improvement on its ratings over last year, “Archer” has been picked up for another season, so it will be back by next January. Was there really ever any doubt? Better still, that two-part season finale will feature the voice of “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston. Below is a glimpse of his character, Commander Drake, compliments of Entertainment Weekly, and a few of the best GIFs from last night’s episode, compliments of Chet Manley over on the UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread, which was held last night with “Archer’s” Associate Art Director Chad Hurd. Check it out in full — there was some great behind-the-scenes info about last night’s episode and the series as a whole.

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