Being On 'The Bachelorette' Cost Ali Fedotowsky Millions In Facebook Money

02.23.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Photo credit: ABC

Ali Fedotowsky famously dropped out as a contestant on “The Bachelor” to keep her job at Facebook, then ended up leaving Facebook when she was cast as “The Bachelorette” for the show’s sixth season. This is all well and good from a financial perspective, until, of course, Facebook goes public this year and over one thousand of its employees become overnight multimillionaires thanks to their employee stock options. [tugs collar] Yeesh.

But Ali, 26, says she’s not upset with her decision. “Would I change anything if I could go back and keep my job at Facebook instead of doing The Bachelorette? Absolutely not,” the former ad manager tells Life & Style. “I don’t regret one decision.”

She even says she’s excited for everyone at the company. “This must be such an exciting time for everyone at Facebook!” she tells Life & Style. “I am super happy for all my former co-workers.” [Life & Style]

OK. Putting aside the fact that the Life & Style article doesn’t touch on important issues like (a) how much Facebook money she gave up by leaving, (b) how much she’s made through her Bachelorette-related career, or (c) whether she got to keep any of her shares when she left, this is still kind of a neat story. Because if she did end up throwing away millions to be on some show where she smooched a bunch of jamooks in a hot tub for a month or two, that second paragraph becomes the biggest crock of “saying nice words through painfully-gritted teeth” crap I’ve ever seen. Can you even imagine if you left your job and then everyone you worked with — even the annoying guy who heats up Indian food for lunch and stinks up the whole office, and the lady who tells everyone about her dumb kids all day — became millionaires two years later? And you saw them all around town driving in brand new Ferraris and heard them talking about taking fancy vacations to private islands? Holy moley, that would be terrible. I’d never sleep again.

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