Benedict Cumberbatch And Harrison Ford Charmingly Evade ‘Star Wars’ Questions

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10.14.13 2 Comments

Benedict Cumberbatch And Harrison Ford discuss Star Wars: Episode VII on The Graham Norton Show

Despite rumors that both Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford are wanted for roles in Star Wars: Episode VII, neither actor is confirming nor denying their casting. Ford has said he’s “open to the idea” of playing Han Solo again while pointing to his willingness to do another Indiana Jones movie. Meanwhile, Cumberbatch hasn’t confirmed his casting, but he has professed his love for Star Wars while breaking out a lightsaber impression which rivals his hip hop Alan Rickman and his impersonation of Chewbacca in the video below.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford were asked again about their potential Star Wars: Episode VII casting on The Graham Norton Show this weekend. They amusingly evade the question. We particularly enjoyed Ford’s impersonation of a dying giraffe about half a minute into the video (That’s what that was, right?) and Cumberbatch’s brief Chewbacca impression at the 50 second mark.

It was also amusing to see Cumberbatch completely gobsmacked by a receiving a compliment from Han Solo himself. Understandable. If Harrison Ford compliments you, go ahead and freeze yourself in carbonite. Your work here is done.


(H/T: Bleeding Cool)

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