Bill Hader Swigged Tequila And Did The 'Yo Gabba Gabba' 'Dancey Dance' On Letterman Last Night

08.22.12 4 Comments

Until The Artist Formerly Known As Ron Artest made an appearance on it, I was not all that familiar with the Yo Gabba Gabba show all the literal kids are talking about these days. But the Nick Jr. show is popular as hell, and Bill Hader — dressed like he was making a run to Home Depot — told Letterman last night that his kid is a big fan, so he made an effort to arrange a cameo on the show. He then demonstrated something called the “Dancey Dance,” which is apparently a big thing in Yo Gabba Gabba land.

Dave then handed Hader a bottle of Cuervo and the two took swigs from the bottle. This is the effect Yo Gabba Gabba has on adults, apparently.

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