Bill Maher Went On ‘The Tonight Show’ And Ripped On Jay Leno To His Face

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Bill Maher appeared on The Tonight Show last night and took the opportunity to get a few things off his chest. He ripped on Jay Leno on his own show for effectively getting fired twice – Leno leaves the flagship late night talk show in February of 2014 – and also for taking Conan’s job as Tonight Show host away from him back in 2010. He then took some time to rip into orange-coiffed jowel-magnet Donald Trump, with whom Bill has been feuding with for quite a while now.

Speaking about Trump, Maher said: “Like I could give a damn if this moron ever does my show. We had a feud because he became a presidential candidate and [Trump became] this insufferable racist. That’s why we had a feud: because he was a one-issue candidate, all about the birth certificate.” Bill continued, “‘Cause a black guy getting into college, Jay — something fishy there.”

In this clip, Bill talks about Leno getting canned twice…

… and while here, he lays it all out about his dislike of Trump.

(h/t: NBC)

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