‘Breaking Bad’ GIF Highlights: Granite State

By 09.22.13

On this week’s Breaking Bad, we see how Walt’s field trip to New Hampshire went.

And That's Why It'll Be A Prequel

Walt's Dealing With His Temporary Spot Well

Yeah, Walt's Not So Tough Now

Skyler's Not Doing So Well Either

Dammit Todd, She's Only After Your Percentages

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U0AqxlxfBs&quot; target="_blank">No Foot Stomps Needed Here</a>

What's The Deal With Caged Food

Jesse Tries To Escape. It Goes Badly.

Really Badly

Money Can't Buy Medical Care On The Run

Mr. Lambert Pays Big For Companionship

The Family He Does It For Doesn't Want It

So Walt Gives Up

Some Old Partners Remind Walt Of Who He Really Is

And Now We're Caught Up To The Flash-forward

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