‘Breaking Bad’ GIF Highlights: To’hajiilee

By 09.08.13

Phrase to sum up this week’s Breaking Bad: “Fire in the hole, b*tch!”

So In Case We Weren't Clear Last Week, Walt Puts A Hit On Jesse

With The First Use Of Cell Phone Trickery, Huell Tells What He Knows To The DEA

Walt Agrees To Help The Nazis Cook To Kill Jesse

To Lure Jesse Out, Walt Goes Down A Familiar Road

Walt Gets His Message Out, But It's Intercepted, B*tch

With More Cell Phone Trickery, Walt Thinks Jesse Is Burning His Money

So many memes to be made from this…

Turns Out It Was All A Ruse To Capture Walt

While Walt Gave Up, No One Told The Nazis

Aaaaaaaand, It's A Shootout

SH*************************************************T! Going by the preview Walt makes it out, but who doesn’t? Jesse? Hank? Gomie?

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