‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 (Part I): A GIF Retrospective

By 08.09.13

To provide a different sort of look back on Breaking Bad, I’ll be creating season-by-season GIF highlight guides leading up to the final eight episodes.

Last season ended with Walt as a winner. This one starts with a guy full of hair and a fake ID buying an M60, so clearly something has changed. I’m sure we’ll find out more about this development in the next eight weeks, but first we deal with the aftermath of last season’s explosive ending.

Reluctantly, Mike Teams Up With Walt And Jesse. We Also Learn How Magnets Work.

Is This A Thing Yet?

Turns Out The Franch Taster Is An Associate Of Gus, And The Cops Are Calling

This Has Lydia, Another Associate, A Bit Worried. She Wants To Kill Any Possible Rat, But Mike Refuses.

Short A Lab and RV, Walt And Jesse Go With A Portable Lab To Cook In Houses Filled With Bug Poison. So Far, So Good.

Skyler Is Starting To Breakdown A Bit

She Also Gives Approx. 0 F*cks

The Gang (And Todd) Have To Rob A Train To Get More Methylene. It Goes To Plan.

Except For The Part Where Todd Shoots A Kid

Walt Invites Jesse To An Awkward Dinner

Walt Has A Plan

It Works Well For Him

However, Jesse Ends Up Leaving

So Does Mike

With Mike Gone, Walt Has Free Reign To Kill Off Any Other Potential Snitches

Leaving Lydia Free To Toss Out An Idea

Walt Proceeds With Todd As The New Jesse

Lots Of Money Is Made

So Much In Fact, That Walt Leaves The Business

And Maybe We End This Run On A Good Note

Ha! After So Many Close Calls, Hank FINALLY Nails Walt As Heisenberg.

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