The Jesse Pinkman Dinner Scene Gets A Much Deserved 'Seinfeld'-esque Spin-Off

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08.20.12 20 Comments

If it had been brought to my attention a couple weeks ago I wouldn’t have recognized the synergies between Breaking Bad and Larry David created comedies, BUT NOW the two go together like Gomie and f*ck you notes, so I’m happy to present last night’s awkwardly hilarious dinner scene (here and here) re-cut as a Seinfeld spin-off that allows Aaron Paul’s comedic chops shine even brighter.

It’s funny because it paints everyday observations in a humorous light, you see.

UPDATE: Looks like the fine folks in the Sony legal department have issued a takedown notice on the video, because they hate laughter or something.

UPDATE #2: Someone at Sony read Omar’s comment and now it appears to be back up for most everybody. Enjoy.

YouTube via Vulture

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