A Brief Discussion About The HOLY SH*T Red Wedding Moment On ‘House Of Cards’

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02.15.14 48 Comments

house of cards

*takes deep breath*


No, but seriously.


About THAT scene: the surprise isn’t that Frank did what he did; it’s WHEN he did it. He’s a chilly bastard, and we already know he’s not beyond “taking care of someone,” but I may have literally gasped when you-know-who took the last train to Clarksville (I’m remaining vaguely spoiler-free) this early in the season. I’ve only watched the first two episodes so far, the second being a boring letdown from the first. That’s understandable considering how much happened in the bonkers premiere, but I hope it’s not symptomatic of the season as a whole. You-know-who was the only character who could make the big bad wolf that is Frank sweat. Now, you-know-who is gone, as is the dramatic tension. It actually reminds me a bit of Boardwalk Empire, when Nucky killed Jimmy in season two (I’m not afraid of spoiling THAT). It was shocking and bold and it could have been a very bad idea. Jimmy and Nucky had one of the most compelling relationships on the show, until they didn’t. Boardwalk never sagged, though, and the last two seasons have been the show’s best. House of Cards‘ OMG moment is entertaining now; hopefully it remains worth it by episode #13.


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