UK’s Hottest Redhead is Leaving ‘Doctor Who’

12.16.11 6 years ago 17 Comments

I suspect that Matt (BRING BACK MATT) didn’t cover a lot of “Doctor Who,” but that’s because Matt is probably a lot cooler than I am. But it also means that — while you were all ogling over Alison Brie — you missed out on the UK’s version of Alison Brie: A heady mixture of cute, adorable, and outrageously sexy. I speak of Karen Gillan, the current and soon to be former “Doctor Who” companion, who started out as such a strong female companion: Bossy, brassy, and curious. Unfortunately, her character, Amy Pond, got a little muddled along the way, and may have even gotten a little annoying. But it was easy to forgive. Because, Good God, people: She’s cute as a button, if buttons were mindbogglingly sexy.

At any rate, Karen Gillan, along with her character’s husband, Rory (Arthur Darvill) — who never met an episode he didn’t die in — will be written out of the show in what is being described by showrunner Steven Moffat as a “heartbreaking” story. But then, most of “Doctor Who’s” best stories are just that: They are achy, but they delight in the hugeness of the Universe, and each episode is a celebration of life, and on what it means to be human in this great big f**king world of ours.

C’est la vie, Amy Pond. The Girl Who Waited will wait no more.

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