Watch Bryan Cranston Play A Silly Word Game On ‘Fallon’ And Completely Butcher ‘Badonkadonk’

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After seeing Bryan Cranston as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, Walter White/Heisenberg in Breaking Bad, a bespectacled hemorrhoid expert in a Preparahtion H commercial, and LBJ in All The Way, it’s become quite clear that the man can do it all. Except one thing: pronounce “badonkadonk.”

That little tidbit made itself hilariously apparent during Cranston’s appearance on The Tonight Show last night. Jimmy Fallon reeled him into a silly game called “Word Sneak” — in which the duo was handed cards with random words to casually work into the conversation — and Cranston fared pretty well until it was time to whip out a certain “ebonic expression for an extremely curvaceous female behind.”

If you thought Fallon was giggly next to Horatio Sanz, wait until you see him catch a dose of the Cranston charm. I’m genuinely surprised his head did not explode.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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